Blue Reef Fish & Chips

Reach Tanjung Bungah at about 11am today to visit Daniel’s Aunt Mira, Aunt Angie, Grand Aunt, Uncle Gary, cousin Amerie and Andre. Had my first cup of coffee there at their house. Chit chat to catch up with the goings of life since we last gather in end January this year. Baby Daniel spent the whole afternoon posing for his Aunt Mira to take pictures, loads of them. We head off to Straits Quay for lunch at Blue Reef. My plate of Grill Salmon is delightfully delicious.

Grill Salmon, ooooh yummy!
OPI – Gouda Gouda Two Shoes – Rose

Gave Mira a bottle of OPI, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes – Rose, and she had to put it on immediately, to cover up her mishaps on her fingers. Spend some time to take more pictures with all sorts of gadget we had brought, Canon 600D + prime lens, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy.

We then head to Starbucks, my second cup of coffee for the day. Angeline bought Fruuze to go for our chilling and chatting time at Starbucks.

Love catching up with family, had so much to talk about and so little time. Back to Angie’s house later in the evening. Had a late tea break and my third cup of coffee.

I should actually control my coffee intake! Why do I need to drink so much?

I’m in between Fruuze and Starbucks

Till next family gathering, will miss all of you!

You must be wondering, it’s Baby D’s day out, where’s his pictures? So it must be my day out then!

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