I was talking about souvenirs and collectibles in my previous post, titled Souvenirs and one of the things that me and my husband love to collect is postcards from places that we have visited. This started only recently when we visited Mount Fuji, Japan. There happened to be a post office there at the base of the mountain that trigger the idea to send something back to ourselves.

My husband is a collector. He loves to collect first day covers and sometimes some unique stamps. So the idea of sending something back from places we visited sounds fun to both of us since this can be added in our vast first day covers and stamps collection. The postcards is sort of a diversified addition to the collection, out from the norm.

My favourite part of all this collections is to see how detail is some of the postmarks. At Mount Fuji post office, we get to select the postmark stamper with different graphical carvings of the mountain. And the best part is, we get to do the stamping ourself. Here’s the outcome, not a very good stamper.

Here are some of our postmarks collection. I always wonder isn’t it fun if my job is the designer of a post-marker, but I guess I will run out of job soon from all this advance technology where people hardly use mail service anymore.


  1. I love collecting postcards too. I used to stick them on my walls as little reminders of the places I’ve been. I never send them though… I’m thinking of writing a little poem or message on the backs of them.


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