It has somehow been a busy last 2 weeks for me, mainly due to preparation for my husband to go to work in Germany. He will be leaving in another few days, for a few months. We have to get all our systems all prepped up for us to be able to communicate smoothly daily when he’s there. Main reason also he doesn’t want his baby boy to miss daddy when he’s away.

The list of things needed:
– Skype account all setup and tested. Video conferencing looking good with our high speed broadband at home, but not sure about the surf stick he’s going to use in Regensburg.
– Viber is also setup, for any impromptu calls if there is WIFI available there.
– Same as Whatapps, just in case.
– His Ipod uploaded with all baby Daniels pictures from birth until now. He will be be missing him a lot!

– Our cars all been serviced, so that I don’t have to worry about all the MAN chores.
– All utility bills paid upfront for a few months, also to ease my days when he’s not around.
– My husband did a roster for me, in case I forgot to do anything important, which I may when juggling with 8 to 5 work, baby Daniel and household chores.

– Household groceries has been top up for usage for a few months.
– Baby Daniels diapers and milk formula is also prepared. Re-order of milk is also on the way.
– Lastly, the things he needs for now and winter in Germany. He’s got a lot to bring there.

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