Daddy saying goodbye to D. They will be missing each other very much, as D loves to listen to his daddy talking and daddy loves to play with D.

Everyday after work, they will greet each other with smiles after smiles. Speaking in languages that only both of them understands.

Daniel will miss Daddy taking him on walks in the garden. Mommy will try to do that, if I have the time.

Head off to the airport after saying our goodbyes. My brother and my 2 little nephews also sending Ed off. The last time I go to the airport was like 2 years ago before I got pregnant. Daniel kept me homely, but my love to travel and take pictures won’t keep me home for too long. Wait till Daniel is more than 1 year old, the planning to travel will start. Right now, all I can think off is going to my mom’s house and back home, and travel to work!!

Penang Airport has got a new roof! Finally, looks more like an airport now. The old airport looks like an old office building. Glad they finally decided to renovate after 20 or 30 years! The renovation somehow is taking way too long, started, if not mistaken in 2010, and still have not finish. A lot of knocking and banging sound!

It’s going to be a long flight for Ed, but he will be stopping at Dubai. Wish me and Daniel could tag along, but Daniel is now too young to travel on the plane for so many hours.

Bye Daddy, see you when you are back!

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