This year, after much thinking and noticing my little Daniel many attempts trying to destroy my mom’s fully decorated Christmas tree, I have decided to keep the decor to a minimum. I have created an improvise version of Christmas tree.

The location of this decorated vase is not reachable to little D.

Added02As for the presents, I have to also keep them at a place where also is not reachable to him, and I have bought a tiny little table top Christmas tree to accompany the pressies. I mean really TINY! Even my candles are bigger than the tree. Paranoia of a mother!

As for the rest of the ornaments, I made them into table top decor. Not very artistic kind of decor, but just suffice to get the mood into Christmas. I really gotta do some decorations as here we do not have snow, only rain and shine! It’s never a white Christmas here.

Anyways, back to the decor. Here it is. Now feeling a little bit Christmasy!!




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