It’s a working day and as usual I was at office by 8am. Enjoying my early morning email screening and then head over for my low carb low sugar diet type of breakie, the ever boring oats. Later, planned out things to complete before end of the week.

At about 11am, my engineer came over and told me that there is a major quality issue, and seeking my advice.

I went “Huh!! What happened?”

Then in the background came my whole team with a lovely black forest cake and singing birthday song. What a pleasant surprise!

“So, it wasn’t a major issue after all!”

It’s a lovely mini birthday celebration the team throw for me. Thank you!

IMG_5017 copy

And that was the first part of the day. Later, my colleagues sang birthday song in the car, on the way to lunch. I guess they do not want me to go through the awkward moment of having people singing to me at the restaurant. It’s a delicious Subway treat!

Birthday01And that’s not all. We then head over to the newly open Hui Lau Shan for desserts. By that time, I totally forgotten about what-so-ever low carb low sugar diet I was supposed to be on today. Had to give myself a break, just for TODAY.

The mango is HEAVENLY!

There’s mango pudding,

fresh mangos,

mango with coconut,

mango with jelly,

mango with black glutinous rice,

MANGO with E V E R Y T H I N G !!



At the end of the day, I have decided that I skipped dinner! Told hubby to postpone his treat to some other day. I do not want to end of feeling guilty of feasting too much!


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