Exaggerating? A little… but I have been eating a lot more than I’m supposed to. There is just too much good food to ignore and good company that prolong the dining time.

Chinese New Year celebration started from the last day of Rabbit year up until 15th day of the 1st Month of Snake Year. Eve of Day 15 is called “Chap Goh Meh” here in Malaysia, also called for a celebration of love, kind of like Valentine’s day.

To some, Chinese New Year is about getting “ang pow” and others wearing only new clothes for 15 days. (yeah… I know some girls do that!)

To my family, it’s all about getting together physically. With Whatsapp, Facebook… we are always connected, but it’s not the same as meeting up for a week or so, cooking our best dish together and enjoy eating. Yup… my family love food!

We gathered at our late granny’s house and here’s to share some of WHAT WE ATE this CNY!


  1. I also love CNY because it’s a time for the family to gather around, enjoy delicious food, and just catch up on the tidbits of life! -Veronica


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