I’m currently working on a painting that I will use to decorate my li’l guy’s room. Li’l D is over 14 months old now, and soon I will be moving him to his own room. I’m not a painter and so I chose to buy a DIY painting. The box of DIY painting comes with some brushes, numbered water colour, pre-printed canvas with numberings and a frame. Canvas stand was not included, had to buy separately.

The concept looks easy but it take a while to complete the painting. This canvas I’m working on right now is portraying a father and son going on a walk in the park. Hubs and I spend some time at night to paint little by little. It’s too tiring to paint everything at one go. Buying a complete painting is so much easier, but at least this one has more meaning to it to D, it’s DIY’ed by hubs and I.

IMG_6691 copy

IMG_6694 copy

Concept by Paint it Yourself Malaysia.

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