SAMSUNGWhen I saw this topic, immediately I thought of cultural dance, costumes, Chinese temples, ethnic culture and the list goes on…..and then I stop and ponder for a while, what is our culture now?

What I see nowadays in restaurant, food courts, during shopping and everywhere, one MUST be carrying or using or looking at a device.

A house phone is no longer sufficient for communication.

We MUST have a smartphone, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air or a tablet with us every single minute. And the conversation with friends doesn’t seem to have a stop, unless if we are sleeping. Even if so, my phone sometimes is still buzzing with messages or notifications from Facebook or Whatsapp.


How many devices is sufficient for a person to go through the day?

One of my favourite device that gets me through the day is …. a mouse for my work laptop. Using it every day for work. I still can’t live without a mouse when I’m using a Windows base applications.

IMG_6724 copy

When I’m back home, of course, work laptop aside, and will be with my mac and samsung tab. To think back, I’m not sure why I need 2 laptops and a tablet (not forgetting a smartphone) to do the things I needed to do…. *wondering*….. well, I guess THAT’s the CULTURE now!



    1. And yet I’m still keeping the fixed line for 2 reasons… it comes with the unifi package and to trigger when the alarm goes off. Other than that it is just THERE for display.


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