Hubs found a super simple recipe from you tube and he decided to try to cook the dish yesterday. He did all the marketing, but I ended up doing all the prep and finished up cooking as well.

The dish turned out great. But the whole house kind of smells like chicken stew and floor is all oily and a whole lot of cleaning for one dish cooking. Hubs says is worth the effort to clean since the stew is delicious.

Today he venture to another thing, which is baking. Again after browsing through some recipes of chocolate cakes or brownies, he picked the most simplest one to do. We both (and baby D) head out to Jaya Jusco to get the ingredients for the cake. But when we came home, realized that the oven power plug needed fixing before we can use it. So the baking adventure need to be postponed.

We keep you posted of the outcome of the cake. Meanwhile, the hubs is browsing for some fish recipe… *faint*


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