…. and the story continues. It’s been a while, well, more like months since my last post. I wonder what had been keeping me busy.

I stopped at my last story back in Aug’13 last year during Raya. We went to our Aunt’s house in Kuala Terengganu. At first it was an idea to pay her a visit since no one have been over there to celebrate with her from this side of family. The idea sort of spread across Malaysia and Singapore and before we know it, there about 25 relatives landed at her house. Imagine 25 people in a 3-bedroom, 2 storey house, kinda packed or more like a tornado strike.

We had an awesome time there, chatting, cooking and eating. One of our cousin decided to show up with a salmon fish that he “caught” from the market, and here’s it’s story.

IMG_6900 copyPrepare the spices …

IMG_6905 copySeason it well ….

salmonThe fish!

IMG_6910 copyWrapped in foil …

IMG_6916 copyThrow it in the hot charcoal pit we dug in Aunt’s garden …..

IMG_6942 copy… and wa la! A little overcooked salmon, but taste delicious!!

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