This is a delayed post. Supposed to publish in December 2013, but busy busy busy!

D, hubs and I have the same birthday month, DECEMBER! Which is kind of great as we can all celebrate together.

2013-12-13 09.35.50 copy2I had a birthday surprise at the office with my fellow colleague. Both our birthday is just a few days apart. I really appreciate that they actually take time to cook breakfast and ordered a lovely cake for us. They made pancakes (delicious!), cut some fruits on top of the tasty Nasi Lemak. Yummy!!

Later mid of the month, we have a department birthday celebration. We ordered cake and little cute cupcakes, of course some finger food, fried noodles and drinks. Prepared 60+ presents to distribute to all the operators, technicians and engineers in the department who birthday fall in the last 3 months of 2013. It’s a small token of appreciation from all the hard work done for the year.

2013-12-20 14.54.27 - copy

D turned 2 end of December 2013. He has grown to a little man! Talkative as usual, can’t stop pointing at the cake, and ramble away. He also sang “Happy You You! Happy You You!” Made everyone laughed that he can cut the word “birthday” out from the song, because he doesn’t know how to say it. Hubs celebrated together as his birthday is one day apart from D’s.
2013-12-30 20.40.54 copyHubs’ favourite blueberry cheesecake. D: “Boo bee bee ( for blueberry)”

IMG_7180 copyGot a little pressie from Qiu Qiu & Qiu Moo, a Thomas train set and book.

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