D loves animals! Some of the first few from the 100 odd words he can pronounce are …… elephant (sound more like “ellllll ..phant” when he first started), monkey, lion, tiger, giraffe, crocodile (sound more like”codiedie” when he say at first), kangaroo and so on. He usually see animals on TV, and this is his first time seeing those animals for real.

IMG_7047 copyHe had not idea where we were going at first, he knows we are all prep for a walk, with cap and all. 

IMG_7050 copyD with his Papa at the entrance of the Zoo.

IMG_7057 copyPicture with the orang utan

IMG_7080 copyFinally after a long walk, he saw his favourite giraffe.

2013-12-22 15.57.10Queueing and waiting for the zoo cart ride (for D, it’s a bus)

IMG_7092 copy2013-12-22 15.48.02-2 copyFinally the ‘bus’ came, he’s so so excited! His first ‘bus’ ride too for this day!!

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