This is D’s 3rd overnight trip. 1st one was a complete disaster. He hang on to me or hubs the whole time, like a koala bear on a tree.

2nd one was just one night at a hotel in Penang. It was alright.

This one?

Started out early, and he got so excited in the car that he couldn’t sleep at all. We drove to Kuala Perlis jetty for the shortest ferry ride to Langkawi. It was D first boat ride and we do not want to freak him out.

And then… it all started….

First was the parking drama. The long term parking attendant accidentally smashed our car to another parked car when he tried to park to a super tiny spot.

We missed the 10.30am ferry and had to wait for the 12pm ferry. D was already grumpy without his morning nap and all the waiting making it worst. We have to take turns to walk him around the ferry terminal to keep him occupied.

2014-04-12 11.42.01.jpg

Ferry arrived.. finally!!

Good thing D completely forgotten about his sleepiness from the excitement of seeing the ferry. He surely did enjoyed whole 1 hour plus ride. Shouting island, boat, bouy when he saw one of those passed by.

We finally reached the island!!

By the time we got our rental car, checked in to the hotel, D’s energy was all drained and in need a short nap to recharged.

Zzzzzzz ……

First stop to Dataran Helang and D, of course, running around here and there.


We then do some duty free shopping while D playing with his shadow at the entrance of a shop.


to be continue ….

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