Dinner was awesome at Teo Seafood restaurant. We ordered 2 large crab that we can’t finish, tiger prawns, seaweed soup for D, and a plate of vegetables.

D was soooo tired (from too much running) that the moment we got into the car after dinner, he dozed off in just seconds.

The next morning, headed to Pantai Cenang for breakfast. Took a slow stroll along the Cenang road, a lot of new buildings since the last time we were here.

2014-04-13 09.10.00.jpg

We had Egg Benedict and Farmer’s Choice at Red Tomato. Oh so yummy!!


At the aquarium, D can’t wait too see the sea world!!

Our next stop for the day was Oriental Village. Despite the hot and humid weather, D enjoyed seeing horses, fishes, lakes, shopping, and everything else.

Last stop, afternoon beach stroll was just too hot to handle. We stopped for a short while near Perdana Quay and then head back to the hotel.


D: “I had a good sleep! And bye for now.”


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