We got up all fresh and ready for our day 2 in Kuching. We take a slow walk from the hotel to Chong Choon, Jalan Abell for breakfast. By the time we reach there, we are all sweaty. And the cafe is again packed and had to share table.

2014-06-08 09.28.46 copy2

2014-06-08 09.45.35 copy2We had to order Sarawak laksa again because it’s really good. Tried the Poh Piah and Chai Tau Kueh too. D had fish porridge. Then we walk along Abell Road to the waterfront.

IMG_7414 copy2

2014-06-08 09.13.08 copy2Had to take picture of the sidewalk. There are “cats” everywhere.

IMG_7418 copy2

People in Kuching still use the sampan to cross the river.

IMG_7421 copy2

IMG_7422 copy2

IMG_7429 copy2

IMG_7435 copy2IMG_7440 copy2IMG_7443 copy2






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