2014-06-08 20.32.22-2

After a great lunch at Imperial Duck, we are on our way to see Sarawak Cultural Village.

2014-06-08 21.19.25-2


It’s really hot and sunny that day, we all sweaty before we even start the walk around the cultural village. Despite the sweat, its worth the walk seeing culture I’ve never seen before. Thanks to Cousin SA for driving us all the way here.

2014-06-08 14.55.31 copy3At the entrance of the village.

2014-06-08 15.08.29 copy3Hubs trying out the stairs cut out from a tree trunk. I tried to climb too, but it’s so open, feels like I’m going to fall.

IMG_7464 copy3

IMG_7472 copy3Another view the of stairs! Amazing isn’t it?

IMG_7513 copy3IMG_7510 copy3IMG_7500 copy3IMG_7495 copy3IMG_7484 copy3IMG_7480 copy3IMG_7474 copy3IMG_7469 copy3IMG_7462 copy3IMG_7457 copy32014-06-08 15.19.44 copy3

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