Up early and went to get breakfast for mom and the kids. Bought curry mee and won ton mee from the hawker stall at Mount Erskine Road. After breakfast J and J went for a swim again. Mom said that the water is very cold. Later lunch at No Eyed Deer at Fettes Park. Very good indeed! Love the Laotian Laksa. Mom had the Vietnamese Pho (Chicken). Sausages for Jand J. Ed has roast chicken to share with D. Soup was good and the Chocolate Banana Tartlet was to die for. Later afternoon, shopping at OFO. Bought over RM400 worth of clothes. So happy!

2015-12-31 13.38.01

Visited Ange for a short while. We then went to book blue reef for dinner but it was fully booked. We ended up having pizza and cup noodles for dinner and waited for my brother J, PT and my father to arrive for the New Year’s Eve countdown. Spent the evening waiting for midnight. D is super excited waiting to see the fireworks!

J, PT, mom, big J, D and I went out for the countdown. The live fireworks view is super awesome. Dad and small J slept already and Ed had to take care of B.

2015-12-31 15.32.45

2015-12-31 18.21.59 2015-12-31 23.47.17 2016-01-01 00.09.37

1.1.2016: First breakfast for the year at Fettes Park hawker stall, food so so only. We then drive home because we are just too tired to do anything else. D have been really strong, able to take chocolates, Yakult, apple juice and a lot other things this whole trip. So happy that he’s much healthier now.

Back home, a whole lot of laundry to do. For lunch we had left over food and for dinner, fried beehoon, curry chicken and meat roll. D is staying at granny house for the night. He’s really enjoying his hotel and granny’s house stay. I manage to squeeze in a movie for the night, Insurgent.

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