Based on my personal experience, traveling with li’l Ben.

Tip #1: NEVER carry them facing outward when boarding plane. 

… his first flight …

His first plane ride was at 1.5 years old. The poor kid will probably freaked out seeing a whole bunch of unfamiliar faces staring at him while the parent try to cramp his/ her way through the aisle …. perhaps carrying the kid, a carry on, handbag, etc you can imagine … and then l’il one started screaming and yelling and crying that he wants to go HOME …. Ben did exactly that!!

Tip #2: NEVER travel when the kid is sick unless you know for sure he’s going to be ok.

Better to cancel the trip. Ben came back with pneumonia after our Bangkok trip. He was down with slight fever and coughs before and during the trip. He was moody all the time during the trip, and I guess he didn’t enjoy the vacation at all. And for us, we were worried the whole time.

IMG_8796 (2)

Tip #3: Bring finger food in TINY containers.

IMG_3497Not small but tiny. The kiddo tend to drop the container and spill all over the seat and floor on the plane or train. I only give him a few pieces at one time. I used to give him one container of biscuits and he dropped everything. He ended up crying because we have nothing else for him at that time.

Tip #4: Be sure that the kiddo like to sit in a stroller.

If not, you will end up carry both the kid and the stroller. Sometimes we are just not sure to bring or NOT to bring stroller. Some places are not stroller friendly, for example Bangkok city is NOT a great place to bring along stroller, especially if you are walking on the streets.

IMG_8802 (2)
…. look at the stroller way down there …

Tip#5: Bring something of COMFORT for him.

A smelly pillow, a small one. This will allow him to sleep well in your van or in the plane. This is the same smelly pillow he brings to nursery everyday. 2018_07_17_07_33_00When I want to do some serious shopping, a toy to keep him busy while I’m browsing is necessary. Without it, he will keep on requesting for this and for that, and I’ll end up not buying anything OR buying another toy for him.

…. a new brachiosaurus for him 😜

Thanks for reading. Do share in comments below your experiences traveling with kids. I would love to hear them and learn as we will continue to travel.

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