…. to drag along… 😉 when you have a toddler traveling with.

I’m not a professional photographer, just a hobbyist and love love love to take a good picture. My favourite is of course nature (… apart from taking pictures of my two boys!)

To take a good nature photo, I used to drag my bulky DSLR. But not anymore!!

Here are 5 reasons I love to bring along my Canon M10.

• It is super light weight, in comparison to a DSLR.

• Takes excellent photos. I don’t like the photo quality on my iPhone 7. Of course a mobile phone is even more light weight but, photos is not that good.

• For the price I paid (RM1500 which is approximately USD370) the photo quality is good enough. It’s cheap!!

You probably get the same photo quality and the super light weight camera with an iPhone X, but the price is just too expensive (RM4500).

• Love the WiFi function on the Canon M10. I get to transfer photos to my iPhone easily and start processing them.

… from Laem Hin Seafood looking at Coconut Island, Phuket…

• Canon M10 also fits just nice into my everyday carry. For those of you that don’t know me yet, my everyday carry still includes toddlers’ stuff (diapers, water, wipes, biscuits etc)

Here you go, my non-techy review!! What’s your favourite travel camera?

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